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4process Solutions Purchase to Pay

Our solutions along the purchase-to-pay process.

The best tools for your personal digitization strategy:

4process | Purchase Requisition
4process | Purchase Order
4process | Order Confirmation
4process | Goods Receipt
4process | DocChain

4process Solutions 4process | Purchase Requisition

Approval strategies for purchase requisitions (BANF) with workflow support is your big topic right now?
These are needed, for example, when a certain value is exceeded and a superior has to approve the request. Approval scenarios are also increasingly used for product groups that are managed by different departments. Our 4process Monitor gives you complete control over your own processes as well as those of your employees.

Your benefits:

  • High level of automation
  • Various approval scenarios
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Status tracking
  • Individual extensibility
  • Short implementation period

4process Solutions 4process | Purchase Order

Release strategies play a major role in companies, particularly in the procurement process.
The often high complexity of hierarchies and release criteria can hardly be mapped in the SAP standard, or only with great effort.
The 4process | Purchase Order solution supports you in mapping your release logic as part of the purchase order check with minimal effort and maximum flexibility.
Adjustments can be made at any time.

Your benefits:

  • Easy integration
  • Central cockpit
  • Time savings
  • Short implementation period

4process Solutions 4process | Order Confirmation

Particularly when processing order confirmations, enormous increases in efficiency are possible in day-to-day work.

The manual transfer of confirmed delivery dates and quantities is prone to errors and the comparison of the order with the order is laborious. The 4process order confirmation module 4process | Order Confirmation is a further step towards automating and increasing the efficiency of your company.

Your benefits:

  • Platform-independent (PDF, OCR, mail, scan, XML/EDI)
  • Recognition and validation
  • Automation
  • Collaboration (workflow, e-mail and notes)
  • Digital archiving
  • Individual extensibility
  • Short implementation period

4process Solutions 4process | Goods Receipt

Central recording of delivery bills in goods receipt and approval via workflow:

  • No document is lost:
    When the goods arrive, the delivery bill is scanned and archived in SAP.

  • System-supported monitoring of the goods receipt process:
    Immediate digitization of the delivery bill enables monitoring of the goods receipt process right from the start.

  • Overview in the goods receipt cockpit:
    Every scanned delivery bill triggers a workflow and thus appears in the worklist of the central goods receipt for pre-entry.

  • Pre-entry of the goods receipt:
    The goods receipt is pre-entered in SAP from the cockpit. This means that all relevant data is documented in the system at an early stage. Internal goods receipt documents are now printed.

  • Only checked goods are posted:
    After receiving the goods, the requisitioner checks them and releases the process via workflow. Only now is the actual goods receipt posted automatically.

  • Non-SAP-savvy decision-makers:
    Non-SAP-savvy decision-makers can also participate in the workflow via an e-mail notification and release.

Your benefits:

  • Safety in operation
  • Full transparency
  • Efficient invoice auditing
  • Traceability
  • Fast processing times
  • Central monitoring

4process Solutions 4process | Invoice

Disorganization and a lack of clarity about invoices to be paid can lead to unnecessary extra work for the respective clerks as well as loss of cash discounts due to missed payment deadlines.
4process | Invoice counteracts precisely these problems.
Invoice approval processes are automated and the current status of invoices is made clearer as they are stored centrally or decentrally.
Invoices can be approved as quickly as possible, as this can also be done via smartphone.
Thanks to the central overview of the documents, you can see the current status at any time.

Your benefits:

  • High level of automation
  • Transparency
  • Latest development technology
  • Performance optimization
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Short implementation period

4process Solutions 4process | DocChain

The 4process document management system offers centralized and, in particular, cross-process access to all linked documents for each application (business object). For example, the classic quotation view is enriched with the following information:

  • Purchase requisition
  • Quotations from the supplier
  • Special conditions from the supplier master data
  • Technical drawings for the material or its parts list
  • Special conditions (purchasing info records)

You get an all-round document view without tedious and time-consuming navigation. Convince yourself of our simple solution with extreme added value.


Contract AddOn of 4process | DocChain

The 4process DocChain contract add-on is used to merge and structure contract documents and their master data.
Optimize your contract management thanks to full and fast traceability of individual contracts. The system monitors contract terms and conditions for you.
In addition, customizable notifications can be set up to inform you, for example, about the end of a contract or the expiry of the notice period ahead of time.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive
  • Integrated
  • Push instead of pull
  • Performance
  • Individual extensibility
  • Short implementation period

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