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Sourcing & Procurement

4process supports you in the introduction or expansion of processes in the SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement environment. This component offers comprehensive functionalities for procurement, especially for strategic and operational purchasing, and supports all relevant purchase-to-pay processes (P2P processes) of a modern purchasing organization. It maps all purchasing and procurement processes from forecasting and ordering to supplier invoicing and relieves the purchasing organization in its operational business. By extending the SAP P2P process in S/4HANA, your procurement processes are optimized through holistic process support.

All steps of the purchase-to-pay process can be tracked in SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement. The system can be used to record and process goods receipts and invoice documents as well as to map inquiries, quotations, purchase requisitions, orders, framework agreements and scheduling agreements. SAP S/4HANA enables your company to manage procurement efficiently by digitizing the entire process and allowing data to be evaluated in real time.

Sourcing & Procurement Service orders

The SAP system enables you to monitor, control and optimize the service procurement process from the time the requirement arises until payment is received. SAP supports you in recording service requirements, determining possible sources of supply, comparing offers, monitoring orders and accepting services provided.

Our 4process experts will help you to find the optimum service ordering process for your company and implement it in the SAP system. In addition to classic account-based purchase orders and blanket purchase orders, our portfolio also includes the more specific and in-depth components of the service ordering process, such as service specifications and service entry sheets.

Sourcing & Procurement Supplier evaluation

SAP S/4HANA offers new possibilities in the area of supplier management, including innovations in supplier evaluation. Supplier evaluation in S/4HANA is based on two combined evaluation procedures. On the one hand, predefined criteria such as product quality, quantity and adherence to delivery dates can be used to analyze suppliers. In S/4HANA, these hard facts are supplemented by data from questionnaires that reflect the experiences of buyers and together form the basis for a meaningful supplier evaluation. The data obtained in this way helps you to efficiently expand your business relationships with suppliers and optimize your supplier base.

We help you with the introduction and configuration of supplier evaluation in SAP S/4HANA. Special attention is paid to the creation of individual questionnaires in SAP Fiori. We also show you how you can graphically display the analysis results using scorecards in SAP Fiori apps.

Your benefits:

  • Inclusion of internal empirical values in the valuation
  • Targeted expansion of the supplier relationship
  • Graphical overview of supplier services

Sourcing & Procurement EDI connection

4process supports you in process automation through integrated business processes. SAP EDI ensures secure data exchange between SAP systems and non-SAP systems. This allows electronic business documents such as sales orders, delivery schedules, purchase orders or invoices to be transferred.

In order to exchange data electronically between systems, data is translated into a standardized format. Different systems can thus be networked and communicate with each other via an interface, resulting in cost savings and increased process efficiency.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic processing of large quantities of documents
  • Reduction of the manual workload

Sourcing & Procurement OCI connection

In addition to traditional ordering and purchase requisitions, SAP also offers your company's employees the option of selecting and purchasing materials via an external supplier catalog. This enables better coordination between supplier and purchaser and simplifies the purchasing process with a clear, illustrated offer. Any number of catalogs can be stored both in the conventional ERP system and in the Fiori apps in S/4HANA.

The OCI connection enables the exchange of information between the company's own SAP system and the external catalogs. The aim is to ensure that purchase requisitions or orders triggered via external web catalogs are smoothly integrated into the SAP purchasing process. With the help of the OCI connection, selected product data such as your own material number, the supplier's material number or the product name, as well as additional descriptions, are automatically transferred to the purchasing documents in the SAP system, thus ensuring SAP-compliant data entry and posting logic. 4process helps you to successfully introduce, maintain and customize web catalogs in your SAP system.

Your benefits:

  • Current product data
  • Simplified procurement process

Sourcing & Procurement Supplier consignment

You can use the supplier consignment stock to manage and administer consignment goods in your SAP system. It is important that consignment goods are managed and posted separately, as they are not included in your own valuated stock.

Consignment processing in SAP offers the option of transferring goods with the consignment indicator across plants and company codes or transferring them to your own stock. When transferring consignment stock to own stock or when withdrawing material from consignment stock, the SAP system helps to record this in the background and forward it to the supplier in the form of an invoice or credit memo.

Sourcing & Procurement Intercompany / Cross Company

For goods movements within groups consisting of several legally independent units, SAP offers a solution for cross-company and inter-company processes. This SAP component enables cross-company code stock transfers and sales processes. This is particularly interesting for group companies that have, for example, organized sales and production in independent companies.

With cross-company and inter-company processes, SAP ensures holistic process integration in materials management, which leads to increased system performance through redundancy avoidance. This streamlines and cost-effectively optimizes the cross-company stock transfer and ordering process.

Cross-company and inter-company processes are also important in other SAP modules. Further information on cross-company and inter-company processes in Sales (SD) can be found here.

Sourcing & Procurement Route handling

In third-party processing in SAP, a desired item is delivered directly from an external supplier to an external customer. In this procurement scenario, the sales order and the supplier order run through your company, but the movement of goods takes place directly from supplier to customer and your company merely acts as an intermediary. The invoice processing is ultimately coordinated by your company again. The SAP third-party order processing process helps with the internal synchronization of sales and purchasing components and with external communication with suppliers and customers. SAP also improves the clarity of third-party orders by allowing the documents for the third-party items to be displayed individually.

4process helps you to introduce and map third-party processing in your company. In particular, we support you in the configuration of sales orders, purchase requisitions and purchase orders so that these can be forwarded directly to the supplier.

Sourcing & Procurement Reusable transport packaging / handling of returnable packaging

A central component of many purchasing processes are packaging materials, exchange goods, empty and returnable goods such as Euro pallets, mesh boxes or KLT containers. These returnable packaging items are items that are in your warehouse but are still the property of the supplier. Your own packaging materials may also be located in one or more customer warehouses. To ensure that you always have an overview of the returnable packaging distributed, SAP offers the returnable packaging processing solution. Returnable packaging is managed separately as special stock and for different customers and suppliers in order to ensure the best possible transparency.

4process is your contact for returnable packaging processing in SAP. We can help you with all aspects of empties and returnable packaging processing, including exchange goods and packaging materials, as well as with the management of returnable packaging accounts, which are automatically updated when goods are received and issued.

Your benefits:

  • Complete transparency with regard to the whereabouts of the loaned goods
  • Early detection of bottlenecks

Sourcing & Procurement Logistics invoice verification

SAP Sourcing and Procurement supports the entire purchasing process, from the determination of requirements to the supplier invoice. SAP Logistics Invoice Verification is the final building block in the logistics chain and is essential for the successful completion of the procurement process.

The main task of logistics invoice verification is to check incoming invoices for factual, pricing and arithmetical accuracy. In addition, invoices that do not arise in the area of material procurement, such as service invoices, expense reports or credit notes, can also be processed as part of logistics invoice verification. Logistics invoice verification in SAP is therefore an important step in the process automation and cost-efficient process handling of a modern purchasing organization.

As logistics invoice verification is closely linked to the SAP components for financial accounting and controlling, please also refer to the entry on the 4process add-on 4process | Invoice.

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