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Quality management

It is crucial for companies that their logistics procedures and processes run as efficiently as possible and at the same time comply with current quality standards.

Exploit the potential of the SAP QM module to obtain support for your processes in accordance with the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) or Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) approach!

4process offers you tried-and-tested solutions and expertise based on our extensive project experience.

Quality management QM/EWM Integration

Last but not least, the SAP QM module faces new challenges with the focus on internal warehouse processes in S/4HANA EWM.

The dovetailing of the task distribution of quality-relevant inspection processes with decisions on the release, blocking or scrapping of warehouse quantities puts your warehouse logistics processes to the test once again, but also offers room for optimization.

We support you in both brownfield and greenfield approaches and work with you to design a customized scenario so that your warehouse and quality processes are optimally coordinated.

Your benefits:

  • Analysis of your current process landscape in the area of QM and WM
  • Development of QM/EWM scenarios for your changeover or new implementation in consultation with your key users
  • Implementation of process integration by our SAP expert teams

Quality management QM in Procurement

Use SAP QM for goods receipt of externally procured goods. The goods are posted to your quality inspection stock and the results and defects are recorded on the basis of an automatically generated inspection lot for the goods receipt document. The system can decide according to a defined delivery relationship status whether it should be an initial sample, pilot series or series inspection, in which the type and scope of the inspection differ from one another.

The inspection specifications are created in the system in the form of inspection plans, which contain the relevant inspection characteristics and references to technical documents such as images or PDF files. The inspection and measuring equipment to be used, which you create in the system in the form of equipment master records, can be specifically assigned to the individual inspection steps and thus provide the quality controller with decisive guidance.

Any defects that occur are documented directly from the results recording in the form of a quality notification and are used for further processing of the problem after completion of the inspections. See also QM CLAIM MANAGEMENT

At the end of the inspection, the goods can either be released for further use, scrapped, blocked or prepared for other logistical follow-up processes. Depending on the inspection result, purchasing-side procurement blocks can also be set in the NOK case or simplified inspections can be used by means of dynamic modification rules in the IO case.

Your benefits:

  • Strong integration into the S/4HANA procurement process
  • Near-standard process control and monitoring

Quality management QM in Manufacturing

Use the SAP QM functions during the production process or after goods receipt posting of the goods via the production order to inspect the materials produced. Results and defects are recorded on the basis of an automatically generated inspection lot. Periodic inspection points allow you to check the material quality during production, which can also be tracked in the form of SPC control charts. The inspection specifications are integrated into the work plans for the material.

At the end of the inspection, the inspected goods can either be released for further use, blocked or further processed for subsequent processes (e.g. internal complaints via QM reports, reworking).

Your benefits:

  • Strong integration into the S/4HANA production process: during production or after completion of the goods
  • Use of SPC control charts

Quality management QM Claim Management

Using SAP QM notifications as a complaints tool offers you a wide range of options for documenting problems and initiating the necessary follow-up processes.

All defects registered during the incoming goods inspection of externally procured goods, during the production process or before the goods are delivered to the customer can be documented in the form of quality notifications. A cataloging function is available for this purpose, enabling you to create a structured classification and textual description of defects.

In addition, the reference to the original outgoing document (production order, sales order or purchase order) automates the data transfer of partners, materials and other context-specific information into the notification. Additional internal and external partners can be assigned to the notification and used for action tracking.QM orders can be used for your QM controlling to view the costs incurred.

The activity bar of the notifications also makes it possible to generate follow-up documents and to document these simultaneously in the document flow of the notification. For example, you can send 8D forms and attachments to the notification by e-mail to customers, suppliers or internal employees, generate rework orders from the notification or initiate the return delivery of goods to the supplier via the purchasing returns process.

We are happy to support you in the implementation of further individual follow-up function modules thanks to our many tried-and-tested approaches!

Your benefits:

  • Documentation of all information within a message
  • Strong integration into all quality inspection processes in S/4HANA
  • Use of SAP standard follow-up function modules
  • Individual implementation options for your own reporting activities

Quality management QM in Sales

In many cases, it is necessary to carry out a final inspection before the goods leave the warehouse. The goods issue inspection functions offered in SAP can support you here.

The inspection lot created for the outbound delivery can be used to inspect the goods before the goods issue is posted. Individual inspection plans are used to define the inspection characteristics that need to be evaluated in advance.

Finally, if the inspection result is positive, the goods issue can be posted and an optional inspection certificate can be sent. Otherwise, the goods can be transferred to blocked stock for further inspections or the initiation of further activities by means of a quality notification and goods issue can be prevented.

Your benefits:

  • Strong integration into the S/4HANA sales process
  • Use of outgoing goods certificates possible

Quality management QM Training

During the QM training, we individually address previously analyzed processes in your company and the defined requirements and show you the range of functions offered by the SAP QM module.

Together with your key users, our SAP experts will uncover optimization opportunities and develop tailored training documents in the following areas, among others:

  • QM master data (inspection characteristics, inspection methods, sampling procedures, catalogs, material master, dynamic modification)
  • QM inspection processes in goods receipt with order reference, goods issue to the customer or in production
  • Inspection lot processing with results and defects recording
  • Use of quality notifications for supplier complaints (functions of the action box, 8D form printing via SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, etc.)
  • Integration into logistical follow-up processes (return to vendor, WM/EWM integration, etc.)

Your benefits:

  • Process analysis and process optimization
  • Getting to know and using the SAP QM standard processes
  • Individual key user training by our SAP experts

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