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Human Resources

The interaction of organizational management, personnel administration, time management and payroll accounting with each other and the integration with the connected applications - such as logistics, accounting and controlling - are the strengths of an efficient HR system.

Based on many years of experience and industry knowledge, 4process also supports you in your system:

  • in the implementation of your processes,
  • with ongoing adjustments to legal changes and
  • in the mapping of company agreements and collective agreements.

We develop customized evaluations with the SAP standard and also with customer-specific infotypes and accounting functions, BAPIs, user exits and enhancements.

With our add-ons and tools, we optimize your SAP-based HR processes, make your day-to-day work easier and support you in meeting legal requirements for your HR management and payroll accounting.

Human Resources Master Data

Administration of personnel and organizational management as the basis for HR processes, linking employees with business partner data (business partners) and user data: Manage your personnel and organizational management together with us.

We support you in adapting your HR administration, from simple customizing activities to complex solutions with customer-specific infotypes, check functions and default values. We are also your competent partner for enhancements to Employee Self-Services and Manager Self-Services (ESS and MSS).

Your benefits:

  • Maintenance of personnel master data
  • Integration of HR master data with business partners (classic: vendors) and users
  • Organizational management (as a basis for workflows, structural authorizations, personnel cost planning, etc.)

Human Resources Time recording / time evaluation

We will be happy to advise you on the full range of personnel time management services, from (mobile) time recording with workflow-supported leave requests to time evaluation, form output and the provision of relevant results for payroll accounting.

As a specialist, we are at your disposal for setting up and supporting personnel time management for positive and negative time accounting with incentive wage accounting, short-time working and the definition of complex shift models. We carry out the automated generation of bonuses for payroll accounting via customizing, and we map more complex issues by adapting the calculation schemes and cycles.

Your benefits:

  • Time recording (traditional and mobile)
  • Forms design
  • Time evaluation with calculation of flexitime, overtime and generation of wage types

Human Resources Payroll accounting

We are your competent partner in the area of payroll accounting and follow-up activities for Germany and Austria. We set up payroll accounting to suit your company's specific requirements (including company agreements and collective agreements) and adapt it to legal changes and customer-specific enhancements with the help of calculation schemes and cycles. For us, this also includes the provision of data for follow-up activities, such as form output, payment transactions, reporting and posting to subsequent systems.

Your benefits:

  • Settlement of hourly/monthly pay, marginal employees, flexitime, multiple employment, short-time work, piecework wages, premium wages, partial retirement, company car, job bike, company pensioners, company pension scheme, etc.
  • Posting integration into accounting
  • Direct interfaces to tax and social security authorities for master data (such as ELStAM data, A1 notifications, etc.) and payroll results (such as wage tax statements, social security contribution statements, DEÜV notifications, etc.)
  • Data carrier interface for bank transfers

Human Resources Personnel cost planning

SAP Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation enables the operational planning of personnel costs. You plan wages and salaries as well as ancillary personnel costs in various scenarios, either locally by the respective line managers or centrally. The data transfer to Controlling provides the planning data. We support you with the automated calculation of dependent cost components (such as employer contributions to social insurance) or the period-based distribution of one-off payments.

Your benefits:

  • Posting interface of planning data to accounting
  • Decentralized planning and data acquisition possible

Human Resources Evaluation of personnel data

We support you with the programs supplied by SAP for the statutory statistics (such as the digital wage interface (DLS) and the monthly earnings survey (EHVM) and much more) as well as with customized reports for your individual requirements.

If you carry out the evaluations in your BI system, we create the links to your DataSources.

Your benefits:

  • Support for setting up legal evaluations
  • We implement individual requirements with standard evaluations or specially developed solutions for our customers.

Human Resources Travel expense accounting

Our solutions comprehensively map your travel management process, from travel requests and digital receipt entry (including mobile) to travel expense accounting (with/without approval) and various payment scenarios (several times a month with separate payment runs or once with the payslip).

Your benefits:

  • Flexible process design
  • Mobile data capture or classic data capture in the SAP system possible
  • Full integration in HR and accounting

Human Resources HR Support

We support you in your day-to-day operations and are available as a point of contact for HR. We also work for you as part of (year-end) support packages and follow-up work.

Your benefits:

  • PCoE-certified service provider: SAP Partner Center of Expertise
  • German-speaking support
  • System update through HR Support Packages + X-mas Package

Human Resources HR Archiving

Replace your paper-based personnel files with paperless optical archiving of incoming and outgoing documents. Our 4process document management system protects documents from unauthorized access and manages them in an audit-proof manner. Give your employees access to their own documents via our FIORI APP.

Your benefits:

  • Audit-proof storage of scanned documents
  • Automatic audit-proof filing for forms created in SAP, such as payroll accounting, wage tax statements, etc.
  • Employee access via FIORI app

Human Resources HR Forms

We design your forms using proven technologies as well as Adobe Documents for paper-based and paperless use. We also support you with additional functionalities such as the control of inserting machines, duplex printing or other individual requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Archiving
  • Duplex printing
  • Classic and modern form design

Your contact: Michael Steinig

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