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International Trade

Due to increasing globalization along the supply chain, a large number of departments in the company are involved in foreign trade processes. Changing, complex legal requirements, e.g. in the area of customs and embargo checks, pose additional challenges for companies: Incorrect implementation of the applicable regulations can result in anything from delivery delays to penalties.

Due to these requirements, SAP has provided the modules "SD-FT (Sales and Distribution - Foreign Trade)" and "MM-FT (Material Management - Foreign Trade)" in SAP R/3 for foreign trade. However, these modules will not be available in the same function in SAP S/4HANA and "SAP S/4HANA International Trade" will be delivered as part of the "Digital Core". This therefore means changes in foreign trade and this must be taken into account accordingly when migrating to S/4HANA. 4process AG will be happy to support you here.

In addition to the solutions FT in R/3 and International Trade in S/4HANA, the additional solution SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) can be implemented for complex processes in foreign trade.

Comparison of functionality: SAP ERP - FT vs. SAP S/4HANA

IntrastatSAP ERP - FTSAP S/4HANA for International Trade
Static commodity codes, customs tariff numbersIn customizingMaster data (FIORI apps)
Assignment of codes to the material masterDirectly in the material masterIndirectly via FIORI apps
Re-assignment of codes to the material master after changeNot availableIndirectly via FIORI apps
Intrastat declaration (incoming and outgoing)AvailableAvailable
Compliance ManagementSAP ERP - FTSAP S/4HANA for International Trade
Legal ControlFor export onlyFor export and import
Embargo informationIn customizingMaster data (FIORI apps)
Embargo checkFor export onlyFor export and import
Sanctions list checkCustomer base (without address matching)SAP Watch List SAP Watch List Screen in SAP Cloud Platform (address matching)

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