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Business Intelligence

Companies use different software products in different areas. Such heterogeneous system landscapes and complex business processes place increasingly high demands on reporting and planning solutions in order to be able to aggregate and uniformly present data from a wide variety of sources. Powerful analyses form the basis for both operational and strategic decisions.

Turn your data into information and gain a complete view of your company:

  • Merging data from various sources into a central information system
  • Evaluations are available at the touch of a button
  • Different display options for company-specific KPIs, from simple Excel overviews to intuitive dashboards
  • Early action by recognizing hidden correlations in the data
  • Transparent planning processes and efficient plan/actual reporting

Business Intelligence SAP BW/4HANA

Transform your data into information and use it to create knowledge for your company!

In the age of progressive digitization of all areas of the company, an enterprise data warehouse is an indispensable tool for value-oriented corporate management. Constantly growing volumes of data from a wide variety of systems and databases pose new challenges for a data warehouse. However, historical development often results in redundant data, a wide variety of reporting tools and inadequate information supply for specialist departments and decision-makers.

Our BI experts at 4process can help you avoid these problems with a customized and industry-oriented BI strategy and transform your enterprise data warehouse into a source of future-oriented decision-making. Transform your data into information and draw knowledge from it!

With BW/4HANA, SAP has created a BI solution that is more than just a further development of the existing Netweaver BW. In addition to extensive code optimizations, BW/4HANA offers significantly simplified modelling and greater clarity in the new development environment. The system is optimally integrated into the new HANA in-memory database technology and ensures fast data preparation and real-time data provision. In addition to standardized interfaces to your S/4HANA system, BW/4HANA also offers simple integration of many different data sources from non-SAP systems. In addition to state-of-the-art user experience and high flexibility through self-services with BW Workspaces, BW/4HANA enables comprehensive integration and analysis of all data generated inside and outside the company - all in real time.

With BW/4HANA, you enable your company to realize all the requirements of your business areas and to process growing data volumes with confidence - flexibly, easily, and both in the cloud and on-premise.

Your BI experts at 4process AG will be happy to help you use BW/4HANA to support your company with a new implementation or further development and work with you to create a tailor-made and future-proof reporting solution.

Your benefits:

  • Centralized information system
  • Real-time reporting
  • Target group-oriented reporting
  • Early action through data analysis
  • Integrated planning processes

Business Intelligence Reporting & Dashboards

The digital transformation of all business areas poses new challenges for every company. In order to be competitive, data must be available quickly, reliably, flexibly and up to date. This requires analysis tools that both meet the requirements of the specialist departments and enable management decisions to be made.

With the help of the latest technologies from SAP, these requirements can be easily met: In addition to reusable standard reports with interactive design, ad-hoc evaluations and management dashboards can also be created quickly using drag-and-drop and without programming knowledge.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Office (Analysis for Office for short) is an extension of the classic Excel-based BEx Analyzer. This solution can be used to flexibly implement sophisticated reporting and planning applications. Thanks to the pivot-like navigation, the training effort for the specialist department is very low and detailed as well as aggregated evaluations and diagrams can be created independently of the IT department. Furthermore, the complete integration enables the use of all MS Office applications.

With SAP Lumira, you get the full range of reporting tools in one package. In addition to creating appealing KPI dashboards in a tile design, which provide a quick overview of the current company data, detailed analyses and data visualizations can be achieved in self-service with just one click. The standardized and uncomplicated interface enables simple operation and thus promotes acceptance within the company. Your reports can be accessed online by the user without additional software and can also be called up as a mobile application on smartphones and tablets at any time.

SAP Lumira sounds interesting to you, but you would like to experience the system in practice? Contact our BI experts at 4process AG to arrange an individual appointment for a no-obligation workshop. We will discuss with you the various possibilities that SAP Lumira can offer you in terms of added value in your company.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive analysis tools
  • Comprehensive standard reports
  • Solutions for desktop and smartphone
  • Corporate design can be implemented

Business Intelligence SAP BPC and BW-IP

Only those who look to the future can make optimal decisions for the present. However, in business practice, there are often many different historically grown systems, from sales planning to cost center planning to production planning. Excel lists in a wide variety of formats and calculation logics without version control are sent out. With the planning solutions from SAP, you create the conditions in your company to realize a wide variety of planning occasions based on SAP BW. Standardized calculation logic, a uniform database and central storage in one place enable you to simplify and accelerate your planning process.

The SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) application gives you comprehensive access to the planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation functions. It fully supports top-down and bottom-up planning in the operational and financial areas in order to obtain well-founded budgets and financial statements based on current accounting standards. In addition to accelerated processes, you get good integration in Microsoft Excel as well as simple creation of the necessary reports.

SAP BW Integrated Planning describes the planning solution from SAP that is based on the Business Warehouse. Planning in an integrated environment with a consistent basis from a wide variety of data sources enables you to standardize and thus accelerate your company-wide planning process. With its modular principle, SAP Integrated Planning covers every planning process from cost center planning to sales and production planning. In addition to the integration of standardized functions, all logics can be mapped on a customer-specific basis.

Would you like to experience the theory in practice? Arrange a non-binding workshop with our experts at 4process, where we can work with you to design a customized and future-proof solution for your individual requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Standardized processes accelerate planning
  • Mapping of complex processes in a customized solution for you
  • Free choice of frontend (web or desktop)
  • Consistent storage

Business Intelligence SAP S/4HANA embedded Analytics

With the introduction of HANA database technology and the conversion of ERP to S/4HANA, companies are faced with numerous new questions regarding their system architecture: What exactly is S/4 embedded analytics? Should the existing BW system be migrated to BW/4HANA? And which requirements are already covered by S/4 embedded Analytics? What costs can your company avoid by using S/4 embedded Analytics exclusively, but what functionality will be omitted?

If you are also looking for answers to these questions and would like a non-binding consultation, please contact your BI experts at 4process AG. Together with you, we will analyze all decision variables and make the optimal individual decision to ensure that your company continues to report optimally in the future.

Your benefits:

  • Reporting directly in the transactional system
  • Real-time analyses
  • Integration of all business units
  • Combination of the analytical and transactional worlds

Business Intelligence SAP Analytics Cloud

The competitiveness of companies in the digital world also depends on the right choice of company data analysis tool. The data must be up-to-date, reliable, flexible and quickly available to enable secure decision-making.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP offers a simple but powerful cloud solution. It uses technology (machine learning or embedded artificial intelligence) to gain deep insights into the data.

SAP Analytics Cloud sounds interesting to you, but would you like to experience the system in practice? Contact our BI experts at 4process AG to arrange an individual appointment for a no-obligation workshop. Together with you, we will shed light on the various possibilities that SAP Analytics Cloud can offer you in terms of added value in your company.

Do you already have specific SAP Analytics Cloud requirements? Our BI experts will be happy to support you with:

  • Setting up & connecting systems
  • Data modeling
  • Story creation
  • Provision of ERP data

Your benefits:

  • State-of-the-art reporting
  • Intuitive self-service BI
  • Collaboration (chat and comments)
  • Can also be used on smartphones
  • Live vs. import data connections

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