SAP Internationalization

The initial situation

Both, international corporations as well as many medium-sized enterprises often have several locations domestic and abroad. When changing a whole group of companies to a new business software solution or opening up new locations (for example production sites / sales companies) abroad, company standards as well as specific country specifics must be taken into account.

Many of our customers are already working with our solutions. For more information, read our success story with Mühlbauer GmbH & Co.KG.

Potential benefits

On-site presence

Our consultants are on the move for you in Europe and worldwide in order to record requirements on site, develop concepts, implement solutions, and, through this, guarantee your project’s success.

Diverse linguistic competence

Our employees possess proficient foreign language skills so that they can discuss your requirements with you in detail on location.

Knowlege of the legal requirements

Due to substantial experience in the field of international projects, we know the legal requirements abroad, as well as their possibility of illustration in the SAP system.

Cultural competence

Besides the country specifics, we also know the habits and mentalities of populations and employees across a diverse range of countries. We know how to handle them and can use this knowledge according to your interests and wishes.

Embedding into the holistic context

Despite the individual solutions that result from the project-specific requirements, the new location and company’s standards need to be harmoniously integrated into the whole context.

Your SAP internationalization in detail

4process is your best partner for international projects because of the multilingualism of our employees and our wide experience in international rollouts. Our experience acquired abroad reaches from projects in European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary to projects in Turkey, Georgia, El Salvador, the USA, China, and Malaysia.

We also know the distinctiveness that an implementation of SAP abroad involves. During a rollout in an international subsidiary, we ensure that the guidelines of the parent company are maintained and we ensure harmonization of your processes. Of course we include the local authorities and consultants on-site in order to guarantee the best implementation of the requirements in the SAP system.


4process provides comprehensive services in the context of international rollouts.

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The 4process complete package

Your projects abroad will benefit from our complex and versatile expertise on country-specific requirements, if applicable, and with our experts on-site.