SAP Digital for Customer Engagement (CRM)

Companies are becoming increasingly more focused on customer orientation and customer satisfaction. That's the reason why SAP offers—in addition to their main products "SAP CRM On-Premise" and "SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C)"—one further solution. SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is based on the technology of SAP C4C and allows the use of the basic CRM tools with additional functionalities.



As for hosting SAP Digital for Customer Engagement, none of your own IT infrastructure or hardware is needed—the operation takes place at SAP’s own computer centers. The license fee is only 23 € per month per user (usage already from one user on). For this you will be getting one of the leading global CRM products for an unbeatable price.


Release cycles

New releases appear quarterly. Immediately after the releases are published, they are installed centrally by SAP. This means you are always up to date and can use new functionalities without performing an upgrade project and at no extra charge.

Upgrade to SAP Cloud for Customer

In the case that the offered tools of SAP Digital for Customer Engagement are no longer enough, you can upgrade to the main product SAP Cloud for Customer without migration. This is because the technology and infrastructure are identical.


While on the road, sales representatives can access SAP Digital for Customer Engagement via the mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.

Implementation / project start

Through the complete pre-configured system and the possibility of uploading customer data via Excel or an Outlook file, implementation and a project start can happen within a very short time.

Short product-demo