SAP Cloud for Service (Cloud4Service)

In order that your customer service can concentrate on its core business, SAP Cloud for Service opens many ways for its customers to communicate with you comfortable and quickly via different communication channels (e-mail, web-forms, chat application, SMS, phone or even social media). With the CTI - integration (computer telephony integration) you can connect SAP Cloud for Service with your telephone system. So, C4Service facilitates the communication from your service managers with the customers considerably.

You can find all the information that is generated about customers, or rather service tickets, via one of the numerous integrated channels in an intuitive surface/GUI—that is, a complete history of customer communication is available to you in one and the same ticket. This ensures that your service agents or managers will always automatically answer the customer via the right channel and under observation of the deposited service-level agreements. Furthermore, Cloud4Service makes sure that incoming tickets are assigned via defined mapping rules to the right service person. For information about advancement of your customers in the ticket processing, the system uses non-status-related e-mails, which are sent to the customers in consideration of the predetermined response time.

In order to efficiently skim the cumulated knowledge within your company, "social collaboration" is very important in the Cloud for Service. That means that the system is designed for your service employees to communicate among each other, or simply with other colleagues, and that they can work together. In order to increase the satisfaction of your customers and to reduce reaction times, your service process can be optimized additionally via an integrated knowledge database, which suggests approaches to similar tickets in particular tickets..

To ensure that your service agents or technicians are also up to date when on the road, SAP supports you, as with the Cloud4Sales, with the possibility to use the SAP Cloud for Customer app.