The 4process solution strategy

The initial situation

As a dynamic entity, companies face constant changes. Companies grow, merge, and restructure themselves. Therefore, they need powerful software that supports their business processes and adapts to the changing requirements. SAP is a very flexible, efficient, and adaptable software that supports your changing management in the best way possible.

Potential benefits

Profound experience

With many years of experience in the SAP environment, we know its strengths and its weaknesses and know how to skillfully deal with each of them.

Take your performance to the next level

As your ideal partner, we pay attention to your sector- and company-specific needs. We combine your perfectly working processes with new structures by redesigning the antiquated, hardened structures.

Knowledge across all sectors.

We analyze your existing processes and develop an individual concept based on our economic, sector-specific, and intersectional expertise. Customer- and results-oriented working and an innovative project management are two of the key factors that you can benefit from. 

One partner for all your requirements

We are specialists for all your logistics, accounting, and human resources needs, as well as for IT. Moreover, we are able to offer holistic project services from one source and without the hassle of long communication pathways. We are always focused on the integration of your company’s different divisions.

The 4process solution strategy in detail

The well-matched consultants of our teams have processed many successful SAP implementations at different companies with different complexities and sizes. An implementation includes the illustration of core processes of the company, beginning with the sales process and continuing through purchasing and warehouse processes, production planning, up to the complete distribution and invoicing with complete integration into finance and controlling.


During implementation of the new software, many tasks need to be accomplished in the framework of the project. These tasks include determining the scope of the implementation, selecting the team for the project, collecting and determining the processes, collecting and correcting datasets, setting up the system, recognizing and implementing necessary enhancements, coaching users, and creating a smooth transition to the new solution. One of our main focuses is managing the projects with as low a risk as possible and simultaneously fitting with the financial and time constraints.

The right approach is crucial for a successful project. 4process AG has developed a process model that is used in all our projects. We make it our priority to familiarize you, our customer, with your future system as soon as possible. This helps to avoid theoretical discussions, find a common language, and reveal inconsistencies and wrong expectations. The result is that you, the user, is able to get to know your future working environment, which allows you to make well founded decisions.

From A-Z:
The 4process complete package

As your competent partner, we take care of the following tasks in and around SAP:

  • SAP implementation
  • Enhancements
  • International rollouts
  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Support
  • Hosting
  • Training
  • Business intelligence
  • Cloud computing