SAP Business Intelligence

The initial situation

Frequently, companies use different software products in different divisions. In order to represent aggregated data from different sources in a unified design, such heterogeneous system environments—in addition to being complex business processes—have high demands on reporting and planning. Efficient and powerful analyses are the basis for operative and strategic decisions.

The potential benefits

Turn your data into information and get a complete overview on your company:

Transparency through standardization

Merge data from different sources (data files/Excel) into one central information system.

Your time is precious

View analyses immediately with one click.

Briefly summarized

Summarize different illustrations of your company-specific KPIs/ratios in the form of simple Excel overviews or intuitive dashboards.

Acting instead of reacting

Act at an early stage by identifying hidden connections within data.

A clear goal in mind

Plan processes transparently with efficiently planned/actual reporting.

Your SAP BI-solution in detail

As a specialist in business intelligence, 4process has extensive knowledge in reporting and planning. We support our customers with individually tailored business intelligence (BI) systems. Our substantial expertise associated with best-practice approaches makes it possible for us to implement your individual requirements in a time and cost efficient manner.

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) gives you an entire view of your company. As a component of the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP BI contains an efficient business intelligence infrastructure, many tools and functions for planning, simulation, and data warehousing. This is provided on the basis of an advanced, user-oriented portal technology—in brief, one integrated and extensive solution.

SAP NetWeaver BI integrates intra- and extra-company data and converts it quickly into useful information. The consolidation of data from different bases—such as Excel, Access, and Lotus Notes—into one standard database represents just one of the key advantages. All of this together enables you to have one closed view of your company for reporting and planning and this results in well-founded decisions, target-oriented actions, and solid commercial success.

From A to Z:
The 4process complete package

Our highly qualified specialists at 4process AG develop individual and branch-specific BI systems that fit all requirements of your company.

We support you during the entire lifecycle of the project:

  • from the first analysis of requirements
  • via the concept
  • until the final implementation
  • including. training and
  • up to support in the finished solution.