Efficient warehouse management with 4pro Mobile Framework

The growing pressure of costs is forcing more and more companies to optimize their warehouse processes. The main focus is on the organization of the process and on the degree of automation. With the aid of 4process’ 4pro Mobile Warehousing solution, you can simplify and automate your warehouse processes.

Mobile, touchscreen-based scanners easily adopt many manual steps of the process and run them in the background. So, the solicited input through the warehouse clerk is itself restricted to a minimum. We develop, together with you, a labeling concept that is matched to your company and to your warehouse structure to enable simplification of the processes and the communication of scanners and the SAP system via barcode.

The mobile scanner terminals communicate directly via Wi-Fi with the SAP® server to guarantee constantly current information about orders and assets. In order to recognize early enough faulty insertions and to avoid them, both a real-time booking from stock rotation and the safe-guarding of appropriate "process locking" are possible.


  • Personalized user navigation
  • Template-based illustration of logistics processes
  • Flexible user interface
  • Improved performance
  • Integrated process locking

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