Service confirmations with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

With the aid of the 4p Interactive Service solution, feedback to service orders can be fully automated in the SAP system. The service technician responsible for the service orders receives an interactive form in which he can collect information about the service job including application times, material consumption, meter counts, and establishment of errors. With the return of the completed forms, data for the affected service order or for service notification can be entered automatically.


  • Simple deployment planning based on the service orders with the aid of the 4p Planning Monitor
  • Automated e-mail distribution of interactive feedback forms to the service technician from SAP
  • Simple gathering of feedback data from the interactive pdf by a technician; based on intuitive form functions
  • Automatic extraction and updating of form data with inbound e-mail processing in SAP
  • Automated booking of feedback in SAP
  • Optical archiving of feedback forms and further documents (e.g. damage patterns) without additional work
  • Clear status monitoring of sent, received, and processed forms via the 4p Confirmation Monitor
  • Even external service providers with the same solution can be integrated

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