4process solutions

4process solutions

Companies frequently face challenges due to restructuring.

The powerful solutions offered by 4process will support your company in managing the desired changes.

The solutions can be easily adjusted to the changing requirements of your company and they improve workflow.

Cross application

During the implementation, improvement, further development, and support of SAP ERP systems, companies face a large number of inter-divisional challenges.

These include migrating the legacy data, archiving documents, and supporting the daily processes through workflows, as well as authority management.


The changing legal guidelines, appropriate conception, and continuous improvement represent a complex and multilayered challenge for the accounting module in SAP ERP.

These changes influence corporate planning and day-to-day operations, as well as the periodic balancing and reporting system.


It is crucially important for companies to run their logistics processes as efficiently as possible. 4process supports you in adapting the SAP-ERP system to your demands.

Human resource management

Our add-ons and tools improve your SAP-based personnel management, facilitate your daily business and support you in fulfilling legal requirements concerning personnel management and payroll processing.

The interaction of personnel administration, time management and payroll with connected applications -such as logistics and accounting and controlling- guarantee an efficient human resource management.

4process AG becomes SAP Gold Partner

The 4process AG starts golden in 2018 - since January 4th we have been SAP gold partner and  have therefore achieved the second highest status, which is allocated in the context of the SAP PartnerEdge program. SAP hereby draws us for our performances as partners for our performance and our engagement with the implementation of SAP projects.

We are very pleased about this award and still much more, that we can deliver another proof of the SAP competence of 4 Process AG to our customers by the new partner status



Christmas Donation

This year, 4process AG supports different projects in the context of her annual Christmas donation. The attention lies highly on the weakest one in our society: the children. 4process AG engaged itself in the context of the "EISs Projekt Wasserkraftkinder" for a sport-inclusion project in Passau with the purchase of two youth kayaks.

Further donations flowed to the support of the work with teenagers to the following facilities:

  • Heilpädagogisches Kinderheim "Haus Maria" in Au am Inn
  • Jugendtreff Don Bosco in Passau
  • Lukas Kern Kinderheim in Passau

Increasingly more children are found under the poorest ones in our society. That's why the work of the food bank is very important for us. As gratitude and recognition for her engagement executive Christian Raab presented the responsable persons of the Vilshofener food bank Jochen Stolz (left) and Norbert Pirkl, 1. chariman (right) a donation amounting to 1000€.

Mayor J├╝rgen Dupper vistis 4process AG

An increase in turnover in the year 2015 from 4. 4 million current 6. 5 million euros and doubling the number of employees of 30 in 2013 on meanwhile 60 - with with these positive figures the shareholders Christian Raab (r.), Gerhard Steinhuber (2.f.l.), Christian Thurner and Dr. Martin Voss as well as the chairman of the board Prof.Dr. Peter Kleinschmidt (2.f.r.) impressed the mayor Jürgen Dupper (3.f.l.) and economic consultant Werner Lang (l.)at an on-side visit. The enterprise was established 2005 in Passdau as a Ltd. with the main emphasis on application advice for SAP software. 4process operates since 2008 as an plc. 4process ltd. was established 2008 in Klosterneuburg (Vienna) as an subsidiary with its main focus on hosting/outsourcing. Dupper also welcomed the engagement of 4 Process AG for the technical advice of the networking of the business incubator digitalization, in the advisory board of the sponsors. 
As an successful spin-off of the university, the enterprise is a perfect example for the excellent networking of the university to the industrial location Passau and underlines at the same time the big potential of young start-ups in Passau. The company completely engage itself after the guiding principle "in the region and for the reagion". The company also engage itself in the Neuburger discussion group, here in the economic forum, with two teaching assignments at the university as well as one teaching assignments at the university Deggendorf.


(source: 4process AG steigert Umsatz in: PNP, 29.03.2017