Practical courses at 4process

No matter whether you are looking to gain initial work experience or whether you are trying to determine which direction your career should take, you will be welcome here. If you do work experience with us, you will get an exciting insight into the daily work at 4process. You will support your team colleagues with their day to day work, you will already be able to apply acquired knowledge from your university course in practice, and you will, of course, be able ask questions about our work. Use this opportunity of working with us to maintain contact with us after your course, either to work closely with us or to take advantage of the jobs we offer.

We offer work experience in different fields. Normally work experience would last between three and six months and this can be done either as voluntary or mandatory work experience, depending on your course. If you would like to apply for work experience at 4process, you must fulfill the following criteria:


Criteria for work experience with us

  • You are an economics student (e.g. business studies, business IT, internet computing, etc.) or IT student   
  • You have a thorough understanding of your field and are enthusiastic, willing to engage, and motivated to work in IT consultancy
  • You have the desirable attributes of a good knowledge of MS Office and SAP and also programming experience
  • You have confirmation that you are currently enrolled in a university course


Would you like to apply for work experience at 4process? Then look at the currently available positions posted at our job center.

Did you not find a suitable position? Send us an application anyway. Find further information about this at our job center.

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