Why 4process?

Reasons for 4process

Here are some good reasons for working for 4process.

Our well-coordinated and well matched teams have successfully executed many implementations at companies of many branches of different sizes and complexity. Their jobs and activity fields are varied: They work as consultants, software developers, network specialists, sales representatives or in human resources. But all have one thing in common: they are all full of enthusiasm. Our customers feel that and we feel that, too.

In order that you can integrate yourself as quickly as possible into the team and that you can be on target for your first project, we get you on board from the beginning and introduce you to our projects and customers. We do not throw you into the cold water. At 4process you will be supported by a mentor. He will be there for you for technical and personal questions and he will help you when inevitable challenges occur.

Broaden your horizon and look forward to challenging and diversified projects. Look forward to a team, which co-determines the course of 4process AG with curiosity and creativity.


We are reliable employers

With vision - we pursue long-term future prospects hand in hand with you!

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Continuing professional development

We would like you to develop with us. That's why we support your career with further training and development.

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Common activities

You would like to get to know your colleagues better outside work? We offer joint activities outside work and you will have lots of opportunities to pursue hobbies and interests together.

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Informative meetings

In our "Brownbag-meetings" we inform our employees regularly about latest developments within the company and discuss recent work topics.

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